Thursday 11 July 2013

Update (from the July 2013 newsletter)

We have now reached the stage of applying for grant aid for the work on the well and surroundings; some of the diligent committee members are presently doing this very time consuming work. Funds are being raised in various ways from the big (Heritage Lottery Grant) to the small (Bingo Night, Big Breakfast and Afternoon Tea served to hikers  from the home of Adrian and Pamela in Church Walks, opposite the Church).

Sunday 3 March 2013

Update (from the March newsletter)

At a recent meeting in early February, we were informed that only two queries are as yet unsettled regarding the lease. If these can be settled soon, we will be in a position to apply for a grant for the major part of the work.   Funds are needed at present for remedial work, and hopefully to start the grant application.  

The next big fund-raising event is to be held on  Saturday March 9th: 'A BIG BREAKFAST' to be held in the chapel vestry, from 10:30am to 1.00pm. An update of the work, photographs and maps of the project will be on view. Anybody who attended the last one will remember the fantastic value of £5.00 for adults and £2.50 for primary school pupils. 

Please make every effort to attend this community event.

Thursday 15 November 2012

Update (from the November newsletter)

It is hoped that emergency work will be done early in November to stabilise the bridge below the well; after the recent heavy rain this is now in a perilous state, more earth and stones having been washed away. An expert is coming to do the work, with help from volunteers - hopefully this 'rescue' work will see it through the winter. A lease has now been granted, and shortly will be formally signed, then the business of fund raising can begin in earnest. The church has donated £100 towards this emergency work.

Saturday 15 September 2012

Update (from the September Newsletter)

Following the establishment of the Steering Group last year, funding was raised for a Scoping Study (£5,000- with many thanks to Cadwyn Clwyd, Tir Mostyn Wind Farm, Llanrhaeadr Commumity Council, Llanrhaeadr Church, Pentre Motors, Llanefydd Church, private donors and everyone who attended and donated food and prizes to the Breakfast).

With assistance from Cadwyn Clwyd, a firm of architects experienced in historical sites was appointed (Purcell); our architects, Matt and Elgan, are based at Tal-y-Cafn. The proposals for the well, Bath and surrounding woodlands were outlined at a public consultation in May and the final report issued soon after. An important element was to ensure 'a light touch' approach to the proposed work and this has come through in the report, as can be seen from the following extract from the executive summary:

“The intention is to minimise any intervention whether in relation to the conservation works or the access improvement works. The structures are to be conserved as found with limited small scale interventions to improve safety. Analysis of the historic routes through the site have allowed proposals to reinstate many of these..… as well as providing additional pathways to allow for greater accessibility for a wider section of the community.”

The next step is to 'fix' the weakened bridge adjacent to the Bath to prevent its collapse and we are now fund-raising for this (estimated £3,600 - all donations welcome). We plan to organise this as a two-day 'event' so that people can see how such work is carried out and get directly involved – we'll advertise it when we know what is happening and when.

In addition to this the Group will be forming a charitable company, entering into a lease with the landowner, planning future fund-raising and applying for grants. The projected costs total around £220,000 and so we will be applying for grant funding. Although the project has been developed in such a way that the work can be phased over time, it is proposed to apply for the full amount so as to be able to present all aspects of the project to potential funders – heritage, conservation, environmental, access, educational, cultural, spiritual and , of course, community.

Not surprisingly, concern has been expressed about the amount of money involved. This is a great opportunity to restore not only the area around the Well and Bath but the whole of this woodland area. Unfortunately it is not possible to 'do it ourselves' as in addition to the liability and safety issues involved in working in such an area, there are engineering matters to be resolved eg in footpath and bridge works. However the intention is that, where possible, volunteers will be involved in the work; this will not only reduce the costs but will increase the opportunity for community involvement.